“Just the Birth-y Basics” Package | $1,200
- In person consultation with complimentary birth affirmation card
- Your photographer on call from 37 weeks gestation until birth
- Documentary coverage of labor, birth, & up to 2 hours postpartum
- Baby’s birth announcement image delivered within first 24 hours
- Downloadable digital image gallery & print release


“Golden Hour” Package | $1,600
- 2 add on sessions of your choice
- In person consultation with complimentary birth affirmation card
- Your photographer on call from 37 weeks gestation until birth
- Documentary coverage of labor, birth, & up to 2 hours postpartum
- Baby’s birth announcement image delivered within first 24 hours
- Downloadable digital image gallery & print release

Add on sessions:
Booked in a package — $200 | À la carte — $350

-Monthly milestones (3, 6, 9 months)
-First birthday cake smash/party coverage
-NICU coverage

-Fresh 48 (done within first two days)
-Lifestyle newborn (done within first 3 weeks)

Don’t see what you want? Message me your dream package idea and let’s get creative together!

Payment plans are available.
Your loved ones can purchase gift certificates to go towards your balance—a perfect baby shower gift!!
Locations outside of Fayette County are subject to travel fee.


What is birth photography? Birth photography isn’t just taking photos of a baby emerging from the birth canal. It encompasses your entire birth journey. I capture your partner supporting you through each contraction. Your nurse or doula wiping your hair from your eyes. Your baby’s large eyes taking in this new, big world around them while snuggling safely into your chest. The emotions we experience during birth are huge and fleeting—there are so many precious moments we forget as time passes. Your birth photographer captures these memories for you so you and your family can look back at them for many years to come.

What if I don’t want photos of my vagina? Every client is different and has different wants. I tailor the shots I take to what we discuss at your consultation. For some, that means photos of everything while for others, it’s above the waist only.

When should I book you? I recommend booking as soon as possible. I only take 2-3 births per month and my calendar can fill up quickly.

Do you travel? I take on births up to 2 hours away from Lexington, KY, in all directions.

Do you only do hospital births? Nope! I document births at all locations, be they at home, a hospital, or a birth center. I support your right to birth where you feel safest.

Can you do c-section births? In short, yes! I have documented many c-sections and am often allowed in the operating room. However, the decision to let me in the OR is up to your medical providers. If I am not allowed back, there are still so many moments I can capture for you! In fact, my own son’s birth was an emergency c-section in which my photographer was not allowed in the OR. I was on so many drugs after, I don’t have any memories during my son’s first 6 hours of life. The photos my photographer took for me helped me piece that day back together and gave me back memories I would have otherwise forgotten. I think birth photography is worth it no matter the outcome.

Can I ask for a discount if I’m having a scheduled c-section? Birth is unpredictable and just because one plans to have a scheduled c-section, doesn’t mean one won’t go into labor before that date. All births are priced equally.

Do you charge more for twins/multiples? No, I do not.

What if my baby unexpectedly goes to the NICU after birth? When this happens, I will go with baby if hospital staff allows. If not, then I gift you a complimentary NICU session within baby’s first two weeks.

What do you mean when you say you’re “on-call”? This means that I am available for my clients 24/7. I am ready to run to a birth at the drop of a hat. I keep my camera bag packed and all of my equipment charged and ready to go.

When do you arrive at a birth? We stay in communication with each other throughout your pregnancy via texting. If you decide to have cervical checks done, I like to arrive once you are 6cm dilated. If you decide not to do cervical checks, then I arrive once you have a steady, strong contraction pattern established. If you have birthed before, we will talk about your experiences at our consultation and I take them into account when I’m deciding when to head to your birth.

What happens if I go into labor before 37 weeks? While I officially go on call once you hit 37 weeks, I know that birth is unpredictable. I’m pretty much “unofficially” on call 365 days a year and I promise to do my very best to make your birth.

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night or on a major holiday? I’ll be there! Babies don’t care about our schedules or calendars.

What if you miss my birth? This is outlined in depth in my contract. In short, once you hire me, I rely on you and/or your birth partner to keep me updated via text or call (texting is preferred). If something happens and I miss your birth, I will get to you as soon as possible to document the “golden hour” and those first hours you have with your newborn. If an emergency occurs and I cannot be there for your golden hour, any moneys you’ve paid will go towards newborn and family sessions.

Do you have a back up photographer? I do! In fact, I have two female photographer friends who are my back-ups. I have not had to call a back-up to a birth but they are there in case I need them. They are both wonderful and have experience documenting births.

What equipment do you use? My main camera body is a Nikon D750. I always have a back up body charged as well (Nikon D600). My main lenses are 35mm and 50mm. I keep 3 flashes in my camera bag in case I need them. That brings me to our next question…

Do you use flash? Isn’t that distracting? I use flash at 90% of the births I attend. However, I have never had anyone say they were distracted by my flash and if they did, I would immediately switch them off. The flash attaches to the top of my camera and is pointed away from my subjects, usually at the ceiling. It is never pointed at anyone’s eyes. If you desire no flash be used at your birth, simply let me know and I won’t use them.

Will you share my photos on social media? I always ask permission before sharing any photos and it is your right to keep any/all of them private.

Do you offer video? Photography is my passion but I do offer short video footage of your birth, if you desire. Mention it when you apply to book. Video coverage is $400 in addition to my photography rate.

When do I receive my birth images? I deliver a birth announcement image of your baby within 24 hours of birth. The rest of your gallery is delivered via email within 3 weeks.

How many images are in a birth gallery? The number of images depends on a few factors. Two being the length of your labor/birth and how long you want me to be there. The majority of my galleries range from 80 to 200 images.

Will my photos be in color or black & white? That is up to my discretion while editing; a typical gallery is a mixture of both.

Do I have to order prints through you? I give you a print release so you can print from wherever you choose. If you desire professionally-printed photos, albums, or canvasses, I can create them for you.