"Just do it."
a testimonial

Hailee and I met by chance. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would want pictures of my delivery. I was naive and totally judged those who did it. But Hailee gave me her card and I took it out of politeness. Then I went home and looked up her website….. and cried. They were all beautiful. How could I not want to have something to look at and remember of the arrival of my daughter? So I did a 180 and asked Hailee to be my birth photographer. Hailee is kind and wonderful and the type of person you want in a delivery room with you even if she isn’t taking photos. She gave me words of encouragement and entertainment when I needed it. And most importantly, her photos are better than movie quality and as real as National Geographic. Just do it.
Kaitlyn - Lexington, KY