Is Birth Photography Worth It?

“Why should I hire a birth photographer? Will her photography process invade in my birth space? Will she be a distraction? Will the pictures be unflattering? Do people really want photos of THAT?!”


Many of my potential clients worry about a birth photographer being distracting or invasive, but I am here to ease your mind. I am very experienced at being present in birthing environments, and I strive to be a fly on the wall by staying silent and out of the way.. That is, unless you ask me for conversation or support--then I will gladly chatter away with you in between contractions! Most importantly, I respect your wishes along with your doctor’s, midwife’s, or nurses’.

Now, let me tell you why birth photography is important to ME. I hired a photographer for the birth of our first child in early 2017. I had seen other women's birth photos online and thought they were so empowering! I wanted that for myself.

My son’s birthday eventually arrived. I was induced, my baby's heart rate kept plummeting, my epidural failed, and I had to be put under general anesthesia for an emergency Cesarean. Neither my husband nor my photographer were allowed in the operating room during the birth. I woke up hours later, confused and devastated that I had missed hearing my son's first cry and our immediate skin-to-skin time. I had not been able to see the man I love become a father. I wondered what my photographer could possibly have been able capture during the few hours she was at the hospital for me. I was scared that my birth story would be disappointing.

Several days later I was able to see the images she took from that day and I was completely blown away. I got to see myself laboring (even if it was just for a short time); I got to see my husband waiting in scrubs to hear about the c-section outcome with tears in his eyes; I got to see him meeting our chunky over-9-pounds-baby for the very first time--the ROLLS!!!

Most importantly, I was able to see myself lying on a bed in a peaceful recovery room with nurses helping me hold my baby to my chest for skin-to-skin. Pure bliss radiated from my face. I had finally gotten to meet my baby, the little life I had been growing for so many months. Even though I cannot actually remember this moment, it means the WORLD to me that my photographer documented it so I can look back on it whenever I need to. It has helped me heal, so much so that I found the inspiration to become a birth photographer myself to provide these life-changing memories to other mothers and fathers.

Not everyone's birth experiences are traumatic the way mine way. In fact, the large majority of my clients experience the peaceful births they have dreamt of. However, there are so very many emotions running high that you WILL forget details of that day. Whether you are planning a home birth, water birth, planned Cesarean, getting an epidural or not, your story is uniquely YOURS and I will support you. I would be honored to capture it for you to look back on in the years to come. 



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